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           Christina Daly

Founding Director & Choreographer

Sparrow Dance Productions’ mission is to target the needs of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and the greater Albuquerque area, using dance and collaborative arts, in all its mediums, to help heal community trauma, as well as encourage positive growth, via outreach, mentorship programs, and performance for all ages with all ages. Do not only dance but fly. Do not only fly but soar. Do not only soar but conquer. 


Our Mission

Open and Ongoing Registration
Contact Us Today for a Free Tour and Registration. 


Visit us!!!

We are conveniently located on the corner of NM Highway 528 and Sundt Rd. at 

103 Rio Rancho Dr. Northeast Suite D6

Rio Rancho, NM 87124

You may also call us at 505-985-7947 or email 

Sparrow Dance Productions Presents,
The Adventures of Zorro!

The Adventures of Zorro, is brought to you by Founding Owner & Artistic Director, Christina Daly-Smith. Spend your Cinco de Mayo with Sparrow Dance Productions by watching The Company at Sparrow and the Conservatory Cadets as they embark on adventures with Zorro!!! Because right now, the worlds NEEDS a HERO. 

Performances @ 2pm and 6pm on Sunday, May 5th, 2024 at

The African American Performing Arts Center:  310 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Tickets are general admissions seating @ $20/ticket; $15/child 8 years and younger; children on laps are free.

All tickets available at Sparrow Dance Productions physical location: 103 Rio Rancho Dr. SE Suite D-6 or via email or via phone, 505-985-7947.

If tickets have not yet sold out, tickets may be purchased at the door prior to each performance on the day of.

The Adventures of Zorro  
Written and Created by Founding Owner and Artistic Director, Christina Daly-Smith 


In this original ballet, audiences come alongside young Zorro as he faces the greatest adventure of all-growing up. At the sudden and tragic death of his father, a true hero and legend, Young Zorro must work to find his way in his new fatherless life. Visited by his Father’s GhoZt, encouraged by dear friend margarita, and tormented by the evil Diablo family, Zorro must follow in his father’s footsteps to become the next, Zorro! 


As a boy, Young Zorro, his horse Trueno and his mother Regina, are exiled by the evil Don Diablo. As the years pass, famine falls upon the village. The Diablo’s have overtaxed the poor to line their family purse. Margarita, now grown, and the other villagers are in dire need of a hero to rescue them from the Diablo’s evil regime. It is clear that the brave Margarita must leave the village in search of the long lost boy Zorro and bring him home. 


Young Zorro, now a young man, has spent the last years happily farming with his mother in a desert far from home and painful memories. At least, that is what he thinks. Margarita, guided by desert roadrunners, has finally found her childhood friend, Zorro! But, to her dismay, Zorro is reluctant to return to the village. But with persuasion, a visit from the grave and with the gentle guiding of sweet Agelitas, Zorro takes up his father’s saber and courageously heads back home. 


Zorro is greeted with celebration and joy upon his return home! However, it is time to get to work. The Diablo’s, now a rich and powerful family, are unsuspecting that anything could possibly go wrong at their beloved son’s, The Golden Lion, coming-of-age Presentation of The Medallion ceremony! Little do they know that Zorro has gathered together all the forces and rage of the villagers to reclaim the village as their own. 


The Golden Lion, determined to make Margarita his bride, urges his fiesta guests to join him for a grand dance. He is enraged, however, at the sight of Margarita dancing a fiery Tango with a surprise unidentified guest. Could it be? Zorro has returned and the great siege ensues! The Diablo’s have been captured, Zorro and Margarita are wed and a heartwarming ending that leaves audiences wanting more… 


The End.     

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