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2019 Programs

FREE Adaptive Dance And  Yoga Classes

Sparrow Dance Productions offers FREE and ongoing Adaptive Dance Classes focused on using dance to aid in the healing of community trauma and inspiring those of any ability/disability. Join us for these differently-abled dance classes as we journey through the joys and adventures that dance has to offer!!!

EVERY Saturday we begin with Yoga, taught by Matthew Hinojos, from 11:00am-12:00pm. Then we move into a combo class including, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop, taught by Christina Daly, from 12:00pm-2:00pm. See you there! 

***No Adaptive Yoga or Adaptive Dance classes for the months of June and July, 2019, as we re-vamp the program and work to recruit funding.

Competition Team: Team Sparrow

Team activities include, but are not limited to, competing in dance competitions, master classes at conventions, performances at Sparrow rectial events, other various dance performance/outreach opportunities.

Code of Conduct, Policies, and Expectations


  1. Commitment- As it takes hours, of preparation, planning, and work to form a team and to choreograph a competitive dance piece, it is expected that the commitment be honored through the end of the competition season - end of May 2019.

  2. Attendance- Students are to be present for each required class in order to train healthfully and properly. Sickness, family events, religious appointments, school obligations, and emergencies will always be considered.  However, communicating with Team staff is required out of consideration for instructors and teammates. Should absences occur, notify us immediately. More than three absences, without proper communication, will result in the dancer being removed from the team until next season.   

  3. Required classes- In order to ensure health and improvement,  specific classes will be required to be a part of a competition team. Required classes will be determined based upon the team dance(s) that the dancer is selected for.

  4. Chain of contact - to to be respected and honored.

  5. Worth Ethic - Competition Team Members, (this includes families of dancers), are expected to present themselves with the utmost respect and showmanship - both inside and outside of the studio. Failure to behave appropriately in rehearsal and performance spaces will result in consequence determined by Team Staff.

  6. Performance Etiquette- When on site at competitions, or at various performances throughout the community, ALL Sparrow affiliates are to present themselves professionally, kindly, and considerately. Display of negative and/or poor behavior at any point while we, The Team, are out in public, will not be tolerated.



Members joining the team will be placed with other like levels. Levels will be determined during our placement audition on Saturday, August 24th, 2019. All dancers wanting to participate, who are able to make the commitments, and also abide by financial outlines will be allowed to perform. Placement level will be determined by competition staff.


Levels and Class Requirements:


Nubies = Dancers aged 5-7

Minis = Dancers aged 8-10

Juniors = Dancers aged 11 and 12

Teens = Dancers aged 13- 15

Seniors = Dancers aged 15-19

Adaptive Dance Team = Dancers aged 5-19


Competition rehearsals will be scheduled after the placement audition due to the fact that required fees, practices, and number of dance routines your dancer is cast in will determine the final amount owed. We will notify families of their dancers’ roles, time commitments, and financial obligations no later than midnight on August 19th, 2018

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