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The Sparrows Speak


"I feel truly blessed to be dancing and teaching at Sparrow. The Director and Owner, Christina Daly, really cares for each of her dancers in all that they are and not just a body that can dance. As a mom of two young girls, this is huge! I am able to be a strong dancer and a mom and I don't feel like I have to choose one over the other!"

- Jennifer Leach 

"What I love most about Sparrow is that it is a place where you are loved and appreciated exactly where you are. Whether you are new to dance or coming back to it, this is the place where you can come, learn,  grow and walk away knowing how valued and special you are. 

Dancing with Sparrow has truly changed my life. I left the dance world about five years ago, and returning with Sparrow has allowed me to share my greatest passion with my loved ones and family again.


Sparrow provides me a place and a space to decompress and feel seen and heard. I walk through the doors and know that there are people that are genuinely happy to see me and grateful for what I bring to the table. I feel like I am my truest self when dancing with Sparrow, which has allowed me to flourish in so many other areas of my life! Hallelujah! 


I know that Sparrow’s heart is to use dance as a tool to bring the community together, heal, and be a space of joy and redemption. We are a studio that understands the value and importance of professional and preprofessional ballet and dance training, while also understanding that we have an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of the dancers we work with!"

- Amelia Andreoni 


"What I love about Sparrow the most is the tight-knit community everyone is involved in at Sparrow!

Dancing at Sparrow has given me a brand new way to express myself and help me learn and grow as a dancer in a safe, welcoming environment 


What separates Sparrow from the rest is the flexibility it offers and the understanding the directors and teachers all have when life gets in our way."

- Ryan Blair 

"I have only danced with  Sparrow Dance Productions for a short while, but my experience with them has been nothing but extraordinary. I came into this company shortly after a long medical journey, and was worried about joining back into the oftentimes toxic dance culture that gets overlooked behind stage. However, Sparrow has proven to be an exceptionally welcoming, inspiring and creative company, with truly beautiful passionate dancers who work hard together to create something unique and exciting.


In a short time I have met a second family I did not know I could have. I never fail to laugh and smile everytime I walk through their doors, and to see the excitement in the younger dancers' faces only makes my day even better. Mrs and Mr Daly have created a truly family like company, filled with love, passion and determination to succeed in all styles of dance. I hope to dance, teach and learn with them as long as I can."

- Lennon Washburn


"I love the community Sparrow provides. I have felt welcomed since day one, and I feel more like part of a little family as time goes on. From the adults down to the littlest Sparrows, I often hear students encouraging each other, and the teaching style and overall atmosphere is so positive and uplifting. The varied knowledge and experience of the teachers means I’m still learning new things even after an extensive ballet background. The importance of mental health is stressed more here than I’ve seen anywhere else, and overcoming challenges and frustrations is acknowledged and celebrated. I love dancing at Sparrow! "

-Ashley Hopson 

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