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Community Outreach

KOB Pay It 4ward

Morgan Aguilar
July 03, 2017 10:26 PM



"Seven years ago, a native New Mexican started a dance company in New York City. They performed at several high-profile venues, including Trump Tower. But now, Christina Daly is back in Rio Rancho, and she's using her dance experience to help the community. Morgan Aguilar explains how in this week's Pay It 4ward..."


Click the picture to the left to view news article and watch the video interview.

Self-Defense For All

After months of research and digging, we are once again offering self-defense classes to teachers and school employees free of charge. Self-defense is a human issue; however, come one come all! We will not turn anyone away. I took it upon myself to go out into the community to find the perfect instructor who can offer realistic self-defense techniques that make sense in the school setting while also staying in line with the laws as they stand currently. 

Unfortunately, discussion about Active Shooters in our Nation's school have quieted down. The reality is that, we probably will not hear about it in the mainstream media again until another devastation occurs. Government cannot fix or solve every problem. But, communities can, and should, rally together to do what we/they can to ameliorate certain issues. That is why I will not stop helping-at the very least-my own city to become confident and prepared for any event. 



Tony McKenzie, Chief Master Instructor of Krav Maga, is joining forces with Sparrow Dance Productions to offer four Back-to-School Self-Defense seminars to the community's teachers, school employees, and anyone else interested. It is an honor and a privilege to be in a position to offer these services as we keep school safety a TOP priority throughout our city. (Please refer to master schedule as classes are ongoing but change frequently.) ***Please also note, Sparrow Dance will be offering Self-Defense for the differently-abled EVERY 4TH Saturday of each month beginning in August of 2019. #everyONEmatters.  

Follow the link to learn more

TEDxABQ 2014

"TEDxABQ, the independently organized, TED licensed conference has showcased New Mexico’s biggest ideas and most inspiring thinkers to packed audiences. This year, the event highlights 16 to 20 remarkable individuals, our state’s most passionate writers, scientists, artists, and humanitarians, among others. As we embrace the fifth year of TEDxABQ we are excited about the opportunities that are before us." - Ellen Gallegos

Sparrow Dancers Perform for the Official Harlem Globetrotters
2018 and 2019
The Heart Behind The Art 
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